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Craig Smith writes in with this news:

I found some interesting tidbits. I don’t claim to understand the full context, but it appears that these Iraqi officials were admitting to:

* Bribing Russian officials to get specific UN Security Council proposals changed.
* Lying about imported chemicals
* Transporting nuclear material outside of Iraq



File description:

This undated media file contains 62 minutes and 36 seconds of audio recorded tape, of President Saddam Hussein’s meeting with high ranking Iraqi officials, discussing Ikius Report in the Security Council regarding the Iraqi Biological File.

Pg. 2


…However, there are grounds for the Biological Program. Sir … one could be suspicious of it [the Biological Program] if we concentrate on it [UNINTELLIGIBLE] and the trafficking effort and dodging everything in regards to it…

…We have succeeded in a few of the UN paragraphs, we have won Russia, ahhh … we have convinced Russia by way of generous accounts [payoffs] in which, you remember how and why it happened…

Pg. 10


…They have a bigger problem with the Chemical program than the Biological program, a lot bigger than the Biological program. It is not the weapons, the size of the imported material, the size of [UNINTELLIGIBLE] that we presented to them or the size of the stockpile. They knew that not all of this was true. We have not told them that we used it on Iran, nor have we told them about the size or kind of Chemical weapons that we produced, and we have not told them the truth about the imported material…

Pg. 13


…Sir, where was the Nuclear material transported to? A number of them were transported outside of Iraq. A number of them [did not specify whom] knew about the nature of our work in the past [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I mean, they got out. Therefore sir, to solve this issue, we must stand firm. Why should we stand firm? We should stand firm because the time will allow us to confess all that we have … Sir, this estimate could take up to five years while they are trying to solve it….

Captured documents from Iraq are posted on a governmental site, HERE.
It is very slow to open.

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