How a Muslim Learned to Love the Wall

Muslim author Irshad Manji gets it right today in her New York Times opinion piece titled “How I Learned to Love the Wall.”

Irshad with Ayaan Hirsi Ali atop Toronto’s CN Tower. (Note to my critics: yes, I know we should have jumped off. Sorry to disappoint.) (From Irshad’s website)

“Why Palestinians Get It Wrong” has more on Irshad’s article.


Irshad participated in an incredible debate on Sky News out of England in March,

Another author, Deborah Gyapong, notes the difference between protection and pacifism:

“…I think one of the prime things that many avowed pacifists do not understand is the difference between force and violence. Violence is motivated by rage and hatred. Force is not. It is motivated by justice and is a measured response to prevent evil.”

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