Al Qaeda Chatter at Pre-9-11 Levels

Winds of Change reports on the chatter.

Counterterrorism Blog has more.

New Threat: An Al Qaeda leader warned Americans and Pro-US Saudi’s to leave the Kingdom or face more bloodshed in a video recording before his death. Aljazeera is reporting this news today.

Interesting also, that there were two terror threats in the news last weekend.

Basketball fans may face long lines today as they flock to watch their favorite college teams play in the March Madness basketball tournament. Last week, the FBI warned stadium owners of possible suicide attacks at sporting events:

In a directive issued today (Friday), obtained by ABC News, the FBI says a posting on an extremist message board “advocated suicide attacks against sporting events as a cost-effective means of killing thousands of Americans.”

The FBI says the Internet posting said the suicide attacks would be justified because the United States refused a truce offered by Osama bin Laden in his last videotaped statement, Jan. 19, 2006.

According to the FBI bulletin, the author of the posting recommended using “three to five blond or black American Muslim suicide bombers.”

And, the Taliban announced their summer terror plans today.

The Anchoress has more developments.

My Pet Jawa is reporting on the new Al Qaeda video that is making the rounds.

Meanwhile the ACLU wants to lift the Visa ban on Tariq Ramadan.

Update: Wizbang is reporting that there was a bomb scare at Cox Arena today before the Marquette University and University of Alabama game.

“They had a robot go in and disassemble a hotdog cart!”

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