UK Knew of Abu Hamza's Terror Links, Hook Linked to Al Qaeda

But, British wiretap laws prevented his arrest and conviction!

Great Britain is struggling with its own wiretap controversy

Abu Hamza, Preacher of Hate.

Abu Hamza’s flock included: 4 of the London Tube Suicide bombers, 2 Shoe Bombers, at least 1 Cop Killer, a 9-11 Hijack Plotter, and a Ricin Poison Plotter.


The UK had evidence against Abu Hamza but was prevented from using the evidence because wiretap laws in the UK prevented them from using the information in their case.

Scotland Yard and the Crown Prosecution Service faced mounting criticism yesterday for delaying action against Abu Hamza, who was jailed for seven years on Tuesday for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred.

The revelation that Britain had detailed evidence alleging Abu Hamza’s direct involvement in terrorist kidnapping and murder, but was prevented from using it, will reignite the debate on intercept evidence.

A senior counter-terrorist source said the phone taps strongly suggested that Abu Hamza was “involved in operational terrorist activity”.

But when Britain tried to move against the cleric in 1999, the case had to be abandoned because the evidence was deemed “inadmissible”. The FBI stepped in and said that if Britain could not use the incriminating material it would.

The US indictment against Abu Hamza alleges that he bought and supplied a $4700 satellite phone for the kidnappers and purchased $1100 worth of airtime for the device. It also states that Abu Hamza received at least three telephone calls from the gang leader before and during the kidnap drama in which four hostages were shot dead. He is also charged with sending recruits to al-Qa’ida camps in Afghanistan and trying to train terrorists in the US.

British detectives are still investigating Abu Hamza’s alleged links with other terrorist incidents, including the July 7 London bombings.

4 of the London Tube Bombers were regulars at Abu Hamza’s Mosque


The British Sun is reporting on the extensive terror links of Abu Hamza, Osama’s man in Great Britain:

HATE-filled Abu Hamza turned the mosque where he held court into Osama Bin Laden’s British HQ, The Sun can reveal.

The preacher — caged for seven years yesterday — was at the centre of a web of evil that stretched around the world.

Killers linked to his stomping ground — the Finsbury Park Mosque in North London — have claimed more than 3,100 lives. Among the maniacs are:

* The FOUR London suicide bombers — led by the mastermind of the 7/7 atrocities Mohammed Siddique Khan and his cohort Shehzeed Tanweer.

* 9/11 HIJACK plotter Zacarias Moussaoui — currently on trial in America.

* SHOE BOMBERS Richard Reid and Sajid Badat.

* COP KILLER Kamel Bourgass — who murdered a detective as he tried to escape capture.

* RICIN POISON PLOTTER Mohammed Meguerba.

Hamza’s fellow preacher of hate Abu Qatada, often referred to as Bin Laden’s European envoy — and currently in custody — also spewed out his venom at the mosque.

What jurors at Hamza’s Old Bailey trial were not told was that when police raided the mosque three years ago they found a chilling haul of terrorist gear.

The stash included nuclear, biological and chemical warfare suits, replica pistols, a stun gun and a CS canister. Detectives suspect the material was used in terror training camps in the UK.

The mosque was used for at least four camps — which attracted more than 100 volunteers.

But when Britain tried to move against the cleric in 1999, the case had to be abandoned because the evidence was deemed “inadmissible”. That is really tragic news for the thousands of survivors left behind from his dastardly schemes.

Also, it was reported today that, at least two London clerics said they were beaten up by Abu Hamza’s thugs. The radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri sent teams of young supporters around Britain with orders to take over other mosques. Rival clerics said they were threatened by gangs claiming to be members of Abu Hamza’s Supporters of Sharia group.

Oh,… and The Sun is reporting that “Hook had a Hooker” and it pushed him to terrorism. (Via LGF and Beautiful Atrocities)

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