The 27 Years of Happy Mullacracy Party Ends Up a Bust

Millions of Iranians boycotted the 27th Anniversary gatherings of the murderous and terroristic Islamic revolution. But, as Stefania says, “Don’t expect the media to report it.”

And, what a party they missed out on!

“Without any doubt the execution order of Salman Rushdie must be implemented and it will be carried out.” (WPN)
Not exactly, a typical “Congratulations on another great year!” banner.

The poster states, of course, a previous time when radical Islamists threatened free speech.


“Bush,… (you can read the rest) (WPN)

Even with the busloads of demonstrators, the event was a bust.

The regime’s desperate leadership was hoping to bring millions in the streets by playing their nationalistic or religious feelings. But in Tehran, which was supposed to become a show room, the regime was unable to muster more than 70 or 80 thousand professional demonstrators and government employees and schools’ students.

The spelling may be a little off, but we get the point.
We’ve seen it before. (WPN)

Those posters go hand in hand with the Holocaust Cartoon Contest that Iranian Newspaper Hamshahri is holding this month.

We’ve seen this before. (WPN)

To commemorate this most exciting year with the mullahs…

HERE is a Danish TV clip of Palestinian children protesting against Denmark. (

Clark Mountain Musings put together a Very Special FlashPoint presentation complete with special appearances from Jimmy Carter and Jacques Chirac!
Too funny!

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