Korea Liberator Blog is Born

Look Out Kim Jong Il!

The Korea Liberator is the result of the merger of four existing blogs–The Asianist, DPRK Studies (which will continue), Guns and Butter, and OneFreeKorea. We established The Korea Liberator to focus attention on North Korea’s human rights, hunger, nuclear, weapons proliferation, and counterfeiting crises. Our view is that these crises will continue as long as Kim Jong Il reigns in Pyongyang, and we advocate political, economic, and diplomatic polices designed to bring an untimely end to that reign. The new blog will have three authors, who will update it several times daily. We will track diplomatic, political, and military events, as well as providing original interviews and reports from Washington, D.C. A particular focus will be monitoring dissent inside North Korea.

This sounds good. And, Joshua from the retired One Free Korea writes with more:

And I encourage you to just get a load of the archives in there. It contains 2 years of OFK posts and more than a year of DPRK studies. Probably everything you ever wanted to know about North Korea is in that search window. We’re very excited about this. All three of us are also members of the NK Freedom Coalition, and we hope to use this new blog as a way to attract more attention to North Korea issues, particularly those regarding human rights, and dissent and resistance against the regime.

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