Helen Thomas Swiftboated

The truth came out about White House Press Corps Diva Helen Thomas today.

Radio Blogger has the Hugh Hewitt interview with the Bush-hating liberal. Here is a bit of the interview where the Vice President’s shooting accident led straight to Bush:

Hugh Hewitt: No anti-Bush bias at all?


Helen Thomas: Look. I take everything that he does with a grain of salt, because I’ve already seen…I think he was wrong to take us into the war…

HH: Do you think he lied to us about that?

HT: Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Where are the ties…

HH: That’s a question to a question.

HT: …where are the ties to al Qaeda?…

HT: Do you care whether…do you care whether a president says there are weapons of mass destruction that can destroy you, destroy us in 45 minutes?

HH: But Helen, did you think that he knew going in that they weren’t there?

HT: Yes.

HH: And so you do think he lied going it? He deceived us all?

HT: I think that he had…there were facts, they’ve cherry picked the facts, they wanted a war.

It is too bad that she doesn’t know the facts about Saddam and the Iraq War since she is a reporter in the White House and all. The bitter woman needs to retire. This interview was a complete embarrassment. Even for her cohorts in the liberal media, this was just embarrassing.

Rasmussen just came out with some figures:

Twenty-seven percent (27%) of Americans believe that the recent hunting accident involving Dick Cheney raises serious questions about his ability to serve as Vice President. (That’s the same number as those who believe that a stubbed toe would raise serious questions about his ability to serve as Vice President.)

Twice as many, 57%, say it was “just one of those very embarrassing things that happens to all of us.”

39% say the United States needs stricter gun control laws. Fifty-two percent 52% disagree.

The Anchoress tries to make sense of the idiocy.

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