First it was Occupation, Then it was Hitler, Today it's The Gestapo

First, the Left used “Occupation” to describe the liberation and rebuilding of a devastated Iraq from years of neglect by a ruthless murdering dictator. Americans soon became numb to the outrageous comparison.

Then it was comparing President Bush to “Hitler”, to describe the President in his full pursuit of terrorists after the 9-11 attacks on our country, until the shock value of the statement was lost on the public.

Now, add “Gestapo” to that list of disgraceful comparisons from the Left.

Today Representative Pete Stark blasted the Bush Administration. The Clifornia Congressman compared the Capital Police to “The Gestapo” because Cindy Sheehan was escorted out of the SOTU Address last night after she refused to cover up her protest shirt:

That make this a most serious matter. Representative Pete Stark, the California Democrat who is one of the senior members of the House, is right when he says that Sheehan’s arrest by officers he refers to as “the president’s Gestapo,” tells us a lot more about the George Bush and the sorry state of our basic liberties in the midst of the president’s open-ended “war on terror” than anything that was said in the State of the Union address. “It shows he still has a thin skin,” Stark says of the president who claims to welcome dissent.

Of course Rep. Stark had not yet heard about Beverly Young, the wife of Representative C.W. Bill Young, who was also escorted out of the building last night. The Nation, of course, agrees with Congressman Stark.

It was just last month that Harry Belafonte said that “I don’t know if President Bush is the greatest terrorist I’ve not met them all, but he’s damn sure in the running,” at Canaan Baptist Church annual King Day celebration. Belafonte continued to tell the audience that “terror is unleashed. The Gestapo is here.”

But, there was no uproar on this night. America is getting used to it. The media was too focused on Hillary’s speech at the Baptist Church saying, “Republicans run the House of Representatives like a plantation and you know what I am talking about.”

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