South Korean Thugs Block US Ambassador from Meeting

Joshua Stanton at One Free Korea is your best bet on news from the Koreas. This week he has several posts on the growing Anti-Americanism in South Korea:

As anti-Americanism seems to have peaked in Europe and Canada, S. Korea’s nationalistic, xenophobic, and often violent strain is as strong as ever, with US service members usually on the receiving end, and senior US officials telling me of their concern. Just last week, union thugs blocked the US Ambassador from attending an interview. The leftist government seems disinterested in enforcing the rule of law against violent protestors, or in refuting such blood libels as a recent claim that General MacArthur authorized the mass rape of Korean women (subsequently exposed as N. Korean propaganda). As a result, most young (read: military-age) respondents polled said that they’d side with N. Korea over the United States in the event of war.

The Death of an Alliance

The interests of South Korea and the United States


South Korean Street Thugs Silence U.S. Ambassador

In related news, Bareknuckle Politics is reporting on the Anti-American North Korean propaganda.

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