Return Mail: Canada Offers Its Own "Open Letter to Michael Moore"

Now that the election is over, Michael Moore gets a reply to his “Open Letter”…

To the chagrin of Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin and other elitists, The Great White North lost its most favored nation status last week. (The new Jesusland via Pardon My English)

After his last ditch effort to influence the Canadian election last week by offering his advice in an open letter, Michael Moore gets “return mail” from Canada over the weekend:

An Open Letter to Michael Moore


Dear Michael,

I read your advice to Canadian voters posted on your website on January 22, the day before our national election. For some reason, you seem to be the biggest Canada lover or hugger or whatever in the United States.

You suggested that we should overlook the corruption of the Liberal government to avoid the consequences of electing a Conservative government, like the conservative government in the United States.

Now, Michael, really!

You know us well enough by now to understand that what we consider a conservative in Canada would be a liberal in the U.S., and what we call a liberal would be a socialist in your bailiwick, and what we call a socialist would either be classified as a communist or simply outlawed in America. So, we are talking apples and oranges here when you try to draw comparisons between your conservatives and ours.

Let us forget the political labels and look at the substance. You were not compelling in explaining why we should not care about the criminal activities of our ruling classes. I believe Liberal Prime Minister Chretien, who reigned during the most corrupt period, put it quite adroitly: “Who cares if a few million got stolen?”

Well, we now have the results from the voting and it appears that a fair number of Canadians care about that stuff.

I am wondering, in light of the unfolding Abramoff bribery scandal amongst the Republicans in the Congress, if you are advising your Democrat friends who are running for office this year not to make too much of the corruption issue on the hustings. As a rule of thumb, it is probably not advisable to give Canadians advice you would not be prepared to give to Americans.

And, it doesn’t stop there. This guy was just getting warmed up… Now, some advice on the matter of King George!

George W. Bush, the president that you don’t like very much, can only dream of the powers of our prime minister. You will note that I used the word “reign” when referring to Mr. Chretien. That was not done lightly in a country where the Queen of England is still the reigning head of state.

Imagine what the U.S. would look like, Michael, if Mr. Bush had the undisputed authority to appoint every member of the U.S. Supreme Court — not simply nominate — but appoint. What if Mr. Bush could also appoint every single member of the United States Senate?

What if he had total control over the country’s finances and was not beholden in that respect to a Congress? What if members of his own party in Congress disagreed with him and he could fire them, not from public office, but from the party?

What if Mr. Bush did not automatically go out of office every 4 years and was not limited to a total of 8 years, but, in effect, could stay indefinitely, provided he could get re-elected?

Are you getting the picture of our government, and the power that resides in the office of the Prime Minister, Michael?

…You might be surprised to know that there are a considerable number of us who have kind thoughts and feelings toward Americans and America, even when we differ on some the policies coming out of Washington.

We wanted to elect people to national office who reflect that view and not the American-bashing one that the Liberals have spewing out for 13 years. That is why we sent the Conservatives to Ottawa.

Your friend,
Gary Reid

And, there’s Moore advice for the “Large Hairy One” from the Edmonton Sun (via Watching America)…

The Large Hairy One didn’t exactly call his letter “Stephen and Me” – like he did with his carve job of former General Motors boss Roger Smith (who actually deserved all he got). But the celebrity American lefty clearly showed his distaste for the Conservatives.

Although, he admitted the Liberals he was shilling for “have some explaining to do.”

Obviously Moore was aware of the cheap and nasty campaign to which pathetic Paul Martin had stooped in the final death throes of his failed and scandal-ridden regime.

However, ideology won over corruption in the “Fahrenheit Minus 30 Mike’s Letter”…

Al Gore, of course, blames this whole thing on the right leaning media in Canada… Huh?

And, although Alec Baldwin may be disappointed with the latest Canadian election, there are still Leftists in America who see Canada as a welcoming haven.

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