New Leak Accuses CIA of Third European Prison

Human Rights Watch said today that they have recently learned through credible anonymous sources that the CIA has a secret prison in a third European country:

Human Rights Watch did not identify the third country but said it was one of the 25 members of the European Union. Previously, the group identified Poland and Romania as sites of possible secret detention centers run by the United States.

“We do have one other individual allegation of a country, a country that is a member of the European Union,” Lotte Leicht, director of the group’s Brussels-based office, told the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights on Wednesday. “We are trying to conduct a surprise visit there.”

Leicht refused to give more details, fearing it would compromise the investigation. But she told The Associated Press the New York-based human rights watchdog considered its source “very credible.”

“We have lots of information from intelligence sources that are so far not willing to go public. We know that if they do, they will … lose their jobs,” Leicht told the committee.

Leicht says she is not gaining cooperation from EU Member States. Human Rights Watch also claims that their intelligence sources are so far unwilling to go public out of fear of losing their jobs:

Leicht urged the European Parliament to pressure member governments to help obtain details from secret services on the alleged detention centers.

“Getting information from those sources is almost impossible,” she said.

It appears as if HRW has not developed their European contacts as extensively as those in the states.

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