Maybe New Prescription Drug Plan not a Nightmare After All

The pharmacist was sitting in his chair working on a crossword puzzle when I stopped by to pick up some medicine for an elderly relative this week.

This is something that I do quite often and I was surprised to see the total payment come out to only $9.28. This is noticeably lower than it was last year when I stopped to pick up these drugs. I asked the pharmacist if he could make a printout on what was paid for these medicines last year. Here is part of that information:

The “Price in 2005” listed above was the lowest price in the printout for the drug purchase in 2005.

I had heard that the whole situation with the new drug plan was chaotic and a nightmare so I was shocked to see the pharmacist so relaxed in his chair when I stopped in. I asked the pharmacist if things had been pretty crazy the last couple of weeks. He did not seem too excited about the new Medicare prescription drug program and what he had experienced personally.

He said that if the customer was switched over to the new plan by their representative then there were usually no problems. This was not always the case and then there would be problems. I could see how this would be a headache if a person found themselves in this situation.

He also told me that the ones who signed up for the new coverage plans before the new year were in better shape than the ones who did not. This made sense. I had helped the relative sign up last year some time for coverage. I thanked him. He thanked me. He went back to his crossword puzzle and I walked away feeling grateful about the money saved and the nightmare and chaos that wasn’t.

I need to point out that the relative was put on Medicaid and this may make quite a bit of difference. I am just relating my personal experience.

Two Obervations:
* I assume this is not the huge nightmare that was originally reported or we would have heard more about it by now and democrats would have added this to their list of reasons to impeach George Bush.
* I am willing to wage money that democrats will use it as a campaign talking point anyway.

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