EU Shows Stamina But Gives in to Palestinians

In a courageous display of stamina, the EU held out for nearly five whole days after the surprise Hamas win in the elections on Wednesday before announcing that they would continue to fund the Palestinian Authority:

The European Union says it will continue funding the Palestinian Authority so long as its new government is committed to peace with Israel.

EU ministers renewed their call for Hamas to renounce violence and recognise the Jewish state following the militant group’s election victory.

Earlier Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas urged foreign donors to continue giving aid to the Palestinians.

EU member states donated about $600m (£341m) to the Palestinians in 2005.

The EU donates nearly $600 million each year to the Palestinians. (BBC)

EU Donations:
1: World Bank $85m
2: Isr/Pal integration $12m
3: UN relief (UNRWA) $77m
4: Food aid $35m
5: Humanitarian aid $33m
6: Special projects $24m
7: Infrastructure $72m
8: Member states $262m
EU TOTAL: $600m

US Donations:
1: 2003/04 rollover $175m
2: PA debts $20m
3: Gaza infrastructure $50m
4: USAID projects $155m
US TOTAL: $400m


Earlier in the day, Condoleezza Rice announced that the US Allies would oppose aid to the Hamas government.

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