Day 3: More of Conan's In-law, the Barbarian, Judging Alito

Arnold Schwarzenegger made a good Conan, but yesterday we saw who the real Barbarian is.

Will Teddy and the democrats behave themselves today?
Will they let Alito talk?
Will they get the Mrs. to break down in tears again?

We will find out soon enough as the proceedings get underway.


In the meantime, some thoughts as day 3 kicks off…
Someone answered why Democrats become so unhinged over Republican presidents’ Supreme Court nominations, while Republicans treat liberal nominees like Justices Ginsburg and Breyer with courtesy and restraint?
Answer: HERE

After Senator Lindsay Graham apologized to the Judge’s family for the behavior of his fellow committee members during the course of the last three days, Mrs. Alito broke down in tears and had to leave the session to regroup on Wednesday, January 11, 2006.
(Photo taken from Stop the ACLU.)

This has been disastrous for the democrats, there faults are accentuated like bad lighting on a Teddy hangover. Even Richard Cohen at the Washington Post noticed that Joe Biden talks too much:

The only thing standing between Joe Biden and the presidency is his mouth. That, though, is no small matter. It is a Himalayan barrier, a Sahara of a handicap, a summer’s day in Death Valley, a winter’s night at the pole (either one) — an endless list of metaphors intended to show you both the immensity of the problem and to illustrate it with the op-ed version of excess. This, alas, is Joe Biden.

The reviews for Biden’s first crack at Samuel Alito, the humorless Supreme Court nominee, were murderous. The New York Times had Biden out on Page One — normally a position to kill for — only this time it was not a paean to his considerable merits, but an account of how it took him nearly three minutes of throat-clearing to ask his first question and then took the rest of his allocated 30 minutes just to get in four more. He concluded with about half a minute still left to him — something of a personal best that even he had to acknowledge.

Now, that is a smackdown!

The one moment that will stick with people from these hearings, was when Mrs. Alito broke down in tears. That cannot be good for those mean democrats. Even in this day and age when women’s rights groups could care less about freeing women in Afghanistan from public executions or sisters and mothers in Iraq from hired rapists on the payroll, it still is not in vogue to make a woman cry in public, regardless of the fact that she is married to the man who will help shape this county’s future.

Soxblog says the Democratic base is inflamed like a New Mexican mouse. Hah! (via Instapundit)

Pajamas Media has MondoAlito

Real Clear Politics ponders the chance that Senate Judiciary Dems could be confirmed and pass the level of scrutiny they themselves have set down for Alito.

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