They're Mideastern, They're Rockers, and They're All Women!

Or Does it Explode has the latest Middle East music news…
” Orkideh” like the Go-Go’s but with with light-blue hijabs!

For those of you traveling to Tehran, “Orkideh” – eight young women will be rocking the house next week on Thursday, Dec. 17, and Friday, Dec. 18, at 3 p.m. in the Vahdat Hall.

NaderDavoodi has more on the concerts:

Due to legal limitations in Iran they will be performing for women only. I hope that women and young girls in Tehran will take advantage of this opportunity. Unfortunately, chances are slim for such concerts happening or being repeated in Iran.

Or Does it Explode talks of other all girl rock bands…

The rules are not as strict in Morocco where men and women attend the same concerts. This is a picture of the Moroccan all-girl group “Glam Insane” for a meetup of the bands in 2004. (more pictures of the concert HERE).

More “Glam Insane”…

They look pretty good, but how do they sound?

The Mystik Moods are another all girls band from Morocco.

TelQel magazine wrote a review on them in March. (in French)

Rock On, My Sisters!

And, Don’t forget the “Burka Girls” from Afghanistan! (more HERE and HERE)

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