Iraqi Media Says Ramsey Took Bribes, Want Him Arrested

This was printed by the editor and chief of the independent Iraqi newspaper Alsabah Aljadeed or New Sabah.


I don’t know if Mr. Najeed Al Nouyemi is a former customer for SOMO (Iraqi state-owned company responsible for negotiating oil sales with foreign buyers) and for “Oil for Loyalty” Program . But I know certainly, that Mr. Ramsey Clarke is one one of the majors on the list who received bribes.

But even Mr. Najeeb Al Noyemi whom we knew as a knight holding his swords at the International Court of Justice representing Qutar in its dispute over Huar and Fisht Al Debil Islands, should respect Iraqis feelings who have not forgotten. Yet the shameful forgery which Al Nouyemi had commited which led to sack him from representing his country at the Lahi trial and then discharging him from his post as a Minister of Justice.

To those who don’t know, we mention here Al Nouyemis’ connection with establishing the Aljazzeera channel . Al Noyemi put this channel into service of the Nationlist clans who had established the channel according to their connections with Osama Bin Ladin, his clans, his crimes and fatwas.

We mention that Al Noyemi was also a theatrical volunteer for defending the Talaban and its followers detained in Guantanamo after the defeat of its successor Mullah Omar.

But Al Noyemi came to us with a similar play when Al Qaida’s group, connected spiritually with his channel, exploded a bomb in Al Doha and announced his disblief in those and withdrew from defending the prisoners.

Finally, I don’t know if the reader has noticed that one of the clergies has called for arresting Ramsey Clark and Najeeb Al Nouyemi for coming to Iraq illegally.

Here I join with my voice, in a comfortable conscience, with others, and call for a national compaign to stop those who are following this absurdity (the Saddam Trial).

Editor in Chief.

Hat Tip to Haider Ajina for this news from Iraq!

Newsbusters responded to the Katie Couric-Ramsey Clark interview yesterday where Ramsey claims that Saddam the gardener is having a hard time coping with his poor living conditions.

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