Thoughts on the Pullout Party & Their Assault on the Spread of Liberty

Here is a great post from democracy loving “Americans for Freedom” blog:

Thoughts on the Democrat assault against the spread of Liberty: “Boogie to Baghdad” and the Selfish Democrats

It’s been a theory of mine that some people are selfish. Selfish in the way that they don’t want others to better themselves. Selfish in the way that they don’t want “theirs” risked when others are improving themselves. Selfish by enjoying their freedom and arguing against helping others who suffer in silence, fear, or worse, dying of terrorist violence, or forced to undergo genital mutilation, forced to wear abbayays or gain massive amounts of weight under punishment of death, who are stoned for flying kites and other dastardly offences like holding hands in public.

I mean to say, how can you be for Freedom at home, and not abroad?

Clearly it wasn’t Iraqis who began to better themselves by getting rid of Saddam. However, its pretty obvious that they couldn’t, because Iraq was the closest thing to a Stalinist hell west of North Korea. And maybe he didn’t have nukes, but how could we have known different, considering his pattern of obfuscation and hiding whatever it was that he had.

We, America had to help them better their prospects. We had to do it because our security depended on it. We had to because 9/11 changed the game. It changed the game because now we have to take notice when some tin-pot crazy man says he wants to kill us, because you know what? He will if he gets the chance, and the opportunity.

I bear NO ILL WILL towards those Democrats, Peaceniks and Paleo-Cons who were always against the war. They were wrong, but just misguided, risk averse, or stuck in the old “realist” ways. I disagree, and argue against their theories, but I bear no ill will.

I bring a big ol’ pail of ILL WILL to Democrats and wishy washy Republicans who are wimping out on this President, our Men and Women in the Armed Forces and the war to Free Iraqis and the rest of the middle east. It was just, it was right, it improved our security, and it will change the world for the better.

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