The Clinton Years: De-Frocked, De-Socked, & De-Crocked

Another Clinton associate, another rumor put to rest… The Bill Richardson basball rumors are a crock.

Bill C., Sandy B, Bill R.

Former President Bill Clinton was disbarred from practicing law in front of the Supreme Court in October, 2001.

In April of 2001, Clinton’s Arkansas law license was suspended for five years and he paid a $25,000 fine. The original disbarment lawsuit was brought by a committee of the Arkansas Supreme Court. Clinton agreed to the Arkansas fine and suspension Jan. 19, the day before he left office, as part of an understanding with Independent Counsel Robert Ray to end the Monica Lewinsky investigation.

Former National Security Adviserunder Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, was sentenced on Thursday, September 8, 2005, to community service and probation and fined $50,000 for illegally removing highly classified documents stuffed in his socks and pants from the National Archives and intentionally destroying some of them.


The documents taken by Berger dealt with the terror threats during the 2000 millennium celebration, according to parties in the case.

The revelations were a dramatic change from Berger’s claim last year that he had made an “honest mistake” and either misplaced or unintentionally threw the documents away.

Governor Bill Richardson, the former abassador to the United Nations under Bill Clinton, admitted after nearly four decades that he was not drafted by a major league baseball team as he had claimed:

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is coming clean on his draft record. The baseball draft, that is.

For nearly four decades, the prominent Democrat has maintained he was drafted in 1966 by the Kansas City Athletics.

Richardson included the story in a brief biography released when he successfully ran for Congress in 1982. The Clinton White House mentioned it in a 1997 news release.

Several media have reported it as fact, including The Associated Press.

But the Albuquerque Journal found no record of Richardson being drafted by the A’s or any other team. Informed by the newspaper of its findings, the governor acknowledged the error in a story published Thursday by the paper.

The governor had been planning on correcting the misquote any day now before the press beat him to it.

Ace of Spades has more on the governor.

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