New Poll Shows More Iraqis Are More Hopeful

Much thanks to the hard working and patriotic Haider Ajina for forwarding the results for this very recent Iraqi poll!

The International Republican Institute has released their latest survey taken from November 1-11, on Iraqi Public Opinion.

Max Boot mentioned this poll in his article on Wednesday in the LA Times as noted by Glenn Reynolds.


Unlike the results from an non-supported mysterious poll (see Omar at Iraq the Model) that the Democrats, including their “Hawk” , Representative Murtha, continue to repeat to prove the sky is falling in Iraq, the recent fully disclosed face to face public opinion survey of Iraqis by the International Republican Institute describes a hopeful Iraq focused on the future.

* 49% to 36% of Iraqis believe the country is headed in the right direction compared to in July when the numbers were from 43% to 42% in the right direction. Last September before the country’s first elections 45% of Iraqis thought that the country was going in the wrong direction compared to only 42% who thought things were going in the right direction.

* Of the 36% of the Iraqis who feel the country is heading in the wrong direction, 41% say it is because of the security situation compared to 22% who say it is because of the foreign forces in the country. In other words about 8 % of the country are saying that foreign forces are the reason for the country going in the wrong direction!

* 53% tend to think the situation in Iraq will be better in 6 months. Only 13% feel things will be worse in 6 months.

* Likewise, 65% tend to think the situation in Iraq will be better in 1 year. Only 9% feel things will be worse in 1 year.

* And, 72% tend to think the situation in Iraq will be better in 5 years. Only 6% feel things will be worse in 5 years.

* You would think this number would be higher but only 54% of Iraqis chose security as one of their top three areas of concern that need improvement.

* 44% of Iraqis see security as improving compared to 29% who say the situation is not improving. These numbers are improvements over earlier polling numbers for security in Iraq.

* 56 % of Iraqis feel the ratified Iraqi Constitution represents the will of the people compared to only 28% who disagree.

* Finally, 85% of Iraqis intend to vote in the election on December 15th!

This just begins to describe the Good News coming from Iraq and the disconnect between the media and reality of the situation.

*Haider also sends news that Iraqi forces now implement 70% of the security operations.

As California Conservative notes, this good news coupled with the bad news from the media can be confusing for some politicians.

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