Giuliana Sgrena Gets Her Napalm Story Aired in Italy


Last year, Giuliana Sgrena the Marxist reporter for Il Manifesto in Italy made claims printed in Aljazeera on November 24, 2004, that the US had napalmed Fallujah. She later made headlines when after being held captive by terrorists, her escape car was shot up by US military personnel as it came streaking out of Baghdad towards a checkpoint. Her driver at that time was killed in the shooting.

Sgrena later sued the US saying that:

Sgrena and the car’s driver have both said that the vehicle was traveling slowly and shots were fired at the same time the warning lights appeared. Calipari was escorting the journalist to Baghdad airport at night after winning her release from kidnappers.

However, she lost her case after the Italian and world uproar against America over the shooting when:

CBS news reported that a U.S. satellite had filmed the shooting and that it had been established the car carrying Calipari was travelling at more than 60 miles (96 km) per hour as it approached the U.S. checkpoint in Baghdad.

Sgrena praised Zarqawi in one America bashing article she wrote:

Two Egyptian hostages were freed yesterday, they say, thanks to the mediation of Zarqawi’s group.

She had also claimed similar attacks when the US took Baghdad:

Nobody could confirm if napalm bombs have been used in Falluja, but other bodies found last year after the fierce battle at Baghdad airport were also completely charred and some thought of nuclear bombs. No independent source could verify the facts, since all the news arrived until now are those spread by journalists embedded with the American troops, who would only allow British and American media to enrol with them.

This week after months of waiting Sgrena was able to be part of the “Fallujah, The Concealed Massacre” Documentary:

In soldier slang they call it Willy Pete. The technical name is white phosphorus. In theory its purpose is to illumine enemy positions in the dark. In practice, it was used as a chemical weapon in the rebel stronghold of Fallujah. And it was used not only against enemy combatants and guerrillas, but again innocent civilians. The Americans are responsible for a massacre using unconventional weapons, the identical charge for which Saddam Hussein stands accused. An investigation by RAI News 24, the all-news Italian satellite television channel, has pulled the veil from one of the most carefully concealed mysteries from the front in the entire US military campaign in Iraq.

A US veteran of the Iraq war told RAI New correspondent Sigfrido Ranucci this: I received the order use caution because we had used white phosphorus on Fallujah. In military slag it is called ‘Willy Pete’. Phosphorus burns the human body on contact–it even melts it right down to the bone.

I gathered accounts of the use of phosphorus and napalm from a few Fallujah refugees whom I met before being kidnapped, says Manifesto reporter Giuliana Sgrena, who was kidnapped in Fallujah last February, in a recorded interview. I wanted to get the story out, but my kidnappers would not permit it.

The Leftist Democracy Now has segments from the show and put together its own similar Anti-American documentary.

The US has strongly denied using chemical weapons in Fallujah.

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