Egyptians Face Obstacles & Temptation at the Polling Stations

“The first thing you discover is that you must keep your mind on what you are doing and keep it focused away from sex!”
Big Pharoah
November, 2005

Egyptian Sandmonkey has much more on the lustful nature of the “Black Ninjas” at the polling stations. Temptation is everywhere! (Hat Tip Free Thoughts)

How difficult it must be to concentrate on choosing candidates while the air around you just reeks of sex!

Big Pharoah is not the least bit pleased with Sand Monkey’s sarcastic tone on exposed flesh.


And, Big Pharoah explains that other voters may become “Unhinged” with your views on the issues.

This picture titled, “I just went to vote!” was turned down in the latest election campaign poster contest in Egypt.

Big Pharoah has much more on the “Rock the vote” campaign in Egypt.

Now here’s an idea! Bring a chair with you to the polling place. You never know if you will have to stand in long lines or will need to defend yourself.

The US did voice concern over the voter violence at the latest round of elections in Egypt.

The Mubarak Government arrested hundreds of activists before the second round of voting.

Freedom for Egyptians wrote about historic news from the Middle East that did not get much attention. All Things Conservative has similar news from Indonesia.

Stefania at Free Thoughts has news on the Egyptian elections and much more.

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