Col. Udell, "W" 's Flight Instructor, Says Mapes Should be Indicted!

This is NOT the review Mary Mapes wanted from her current book tour!

I recieved this “memo” from Colonel Maurice Udell (Ret.). Colonel Maurice Udell was Lt. George W. Bush’s Fighter Pilot Instructor and rated him at that time in the top five percent of his fighter pilots. Colonel Udell saw the Bill O’Reilly interview with Mary Mapes of Rathergate fame that was rebroadcast tonight on FOX News.

This memo was not delivered by Lucy Ramirez but was posted on this blog, Gateway Pundit, in the comments section. It was meant to be sent to Bill O’Reilly and I will pass it on, but it was so incredible that I also had to post it:


To Bill O’Reilly

I watched your interview with Mary Mapes. She has a problem with “accuracy in reporting”!!

I retired with 31 years military service as a Colonel, and as a GM 14 as the Group Commander of the 147th FIG, Ellington AFB, Houston, Texas. I volunteered to fly combat only in Vietnam and did so in 1968-69, with Colonel Jerry Killian from the 147th FIG. I flew 43 Combat Missions in the F-102. In 1980 I was the {“Top Gun”
in the USAF Air to Air Missile Firing Competition named “William Tell”.) I was Lt. George W. Bush’s Fighter Pilot Instructor in the F-102, and he was an Excellent Fighter Pilot!!

I think Lt Col Burkett and Mary Mapes should have Federal Charges filed against them for putting forth those “memos,” which were fake!! Mr O’Reilly, you mentioned CBS sent you an email regarding Mary Mapes and said she was the “Devil”!!!

That has Merit!!!!

My best to you Mr O’Reilly, I think you were corrrect in telling her she made a mistake!!! Colonel Bill Campenni is going to write a Book in answer to Mary Mapes….! Look for it!!

Thank you!!
Colonel Maurice Udell(Ret.)
Friendswood, Texas 77546.

Last year during the uproar over the obvious fake documents that were used in a CBS Story to try to influence the American public five weeks before the 2004 election, Colonel Udell had this to say about the memos (via Free Republic):

Maurice Udell, a retired colonel in the Guard who was Bush’s flight instructor, said he believes Burkett had an accomplice.

While calling the memos “so totally false they were ridiculous,” Udell said they contained elements that could have only come from someone with first-hand knowledge of the working relationship between Bush, Jerry Killian and retired Guard Col. Walter Staudt.

Staudt was mentioned in one of the memos as “pushing to sugar coat” Bush’s sub-par performance.

The initial source for the memos, Udell said, could not have been Burkett. “I was there when Bush was going through the training. Bill Burkett was not there,” he said.

Lt. Bush also inquired about going to Vietnam but was turned down by Colonel Udell.

Fred Bradley, a friend of Bush’s who was also serving in the Texas ANG, reported that he and Bush inquired about participating in the Palace Alert program. However, the two were told by a superior, MAJ Maurice Udell, that they were not yet qualified since they were still in training and did not have the 500 hours of flight experience required.

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