Bush & Condi Find Asian Fans in the Steppes

Happy Thanksgiving! I thought I would offer you thoughts of freedom and democracy from new found friends in far off lands…

President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice found friends in the steppes of Mongolia this week. Here are two poems written for President Bush and Condoleezza Rice by Mongolian poet, S. Tsogsuren from Mongolia Online, via the terrific website, Watching America:

U.S. President George W. Bush delivers a speech in the Mongolian parliament in Ulan Bator November 21, 2005. (Reuters)


To US President George Bush
Coming to Mongolia on an Official Visit

The people of Mongolia are happy
to welcome
The president of the great country
of the world
Coming to this vast land of the Mongols
And indeed it seems that
Everything even mounts and rivers looks
like as if greeting you with joy
President Bush! you are well known to all nations
as the outstanding leader of America
With its great historic fathering ideals of freedoms
and democracy, we, too, know
America as such since long on our reflections

When started to greet and welcome you
Under the Mongolian blue sky and
At Buyant Ukhaa airport
It was gratifying to present you the blue hadak (scarf)

You are carrying the ‘sun’ of freedom
Along with your being
You are carrying the ‘moon’ of wisdom
Along with your being
We feel all this along with benign intention
Borne of your innate integrity
Running as the water of Mississippi and
With an eye to developing
Countries and nations of the world

We know you as the man of courage and
Speaking from the UN rostrum you declared
War against dirty and sinful terrorism without mercy

Strongly we support you to make people
free, safe and happy
And we are grateful to you for what you do

Grateful we are for your coming to my country
Though weak and small
Grateful we are for your being in the land of
Chinghis Khan
Proud are we of the wealth
Bowels of this Asian land contain
Of riches the people wherein

Momentous is the charming first lady Lora
She is here with the president
That is another source of our rejoicing
As we know first lady Bush loves children
Everywhere poverty heavily inflicts first on the child
The situation here is of no exception
Therefore any help designed to alleviate
The situation would be much appreciated

The Secret History of the Mongols written
Eight hundred years back gives details of
The making of the empire and ways or life thereof
But the people experienced things up and down
The long way traveled by them was troublesome
After all they reached what we are today
Thus history taught what we should do and what not

We wish you happy and pleasant stay
In the land of blue sky
We hope you would advise what we ought to do
For the betterment of this country
Hopefully a joint statement or declaration
That would tell the world of what we are to say
About our two countries’ friendly cooperation
To be developed today and tomorrow

May Your Excellency’s visit be and enjoyable
May your noble mission for world peace
Be crowned with continued success and triumph
May the living world be ever happy!

S. Tsogsuren, Poet and Official,
State Property Committee
7 November 2005

U.S. President George W. Bush, first lady Laura Bush (2nd R) and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (R) gather with a Mongolian family outside their Ger (tent home) during a cultural tour on the outskirts of Ulan Bator November 21, 2005. Bush travelled to Mongolia for a brief visit on the last stop of his eight-day trip to Asia. (REUTERS/Jason Reed)

Condoleezza Rice

Pleasing and divine in her countenance
Glorious and firm in having talks
Condoleezza Rice is of African-American
Well known to the world as a great states person

She is a woman of integrity and charisma,
Gifted with brilliant talents including music
Also her knowledge and education is unique
She has a healthy slim figure, white jade tooth
symbolizing longevity

The US Secretary of State
Condolizza Rice, you are now
In Asia on an official visit to Mongolia
Hopefully you may enlighten us as to what is
more purposeful

We the Mongols
Understand you well
You have come here with promising objectives
To support the democratic changes we are making

This country takes part
In peacekeeping operations
Walking along the road
For freedom and liberty

America is far away
Though we are close in mind
As people say: stars are far away
But the moon is close

We are happy to welcome the US President
Who is in Mongolia on an Official visit
The people of Blue Mongolia
Are welcoming the Leader of the USA

We the Mongols will never forget
What you gave us in support
We the Mongols feel today
The values of freedom you invented there

When you come back to Mongolia again
Today’s weak country will be different
Keeping abreast of the process of globalization
By marching forward with speed

Please enjoy your stay, distinguished Secretary of State
Let’s dance, young boys and girls,
Get on your horseback, boys and girls, and gallop
In honour of the guests

The sound of music (Morin Huur) means bon voyage
Wishing good weather from the Heaven
Watch the dust coming from the swift running wild horses
All this symbolizes good, safe and comfortable flight, happy journey.

Pleasing and divine in her countenance
Glorious and firm in having talks
Condoleezza Rice is of Africa-American
Well-known to the world as a great statesperson

S. Tsogsuren, Poet and Official,
State Property Committee
7 November 2005

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