The Civil Miers Discussion

DJ Drummond at Polipundit makes some great points on the Miers nomination:

Here at Polipundit, we seem to represent a cross-section of the Conservative demographic. Polipundit opposes Miers, I support her, Lorie would like to wait for evidence to come out of the hearings, A.K. McClure is largely undecided, and Jayson just wants more women to pay attention to him, or at least send money (I’m joking, mostly, about that last part).

We all have a voice, and fortunately, in this site and in this party we can all be heard, even when it seems that is not the case. Just imagine a similar debate at DailyKoff.

Exactly! The MSM likes to make it look like the Republican block is breaking apart over issue after issue. Not hardly. It is just that in this party you can have differing opinions and not be silenced. A huge difference from the folks across the aisle.

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And, the reason Conservatives are taking this nomination so seriously, is because of stories like this one posted at Besty’s Page!

More “Religion-Police” insanity!

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