Sooner Bomber Wanted to Buy Ammonium Nitrate!

The Latest on the Sooner Boomer Story…

** Evidence is mounting that Joel Henry Hinrichs III, the University of Oklahoma student who blew himself up 100 yards outside the Oklahoma-Kansas State Football Game on Saturday night, had bigger plans. Joel tried to purchase ammonium nitrate at a feed store late last week. Joel attended the Islamic mosque near his apartment, possibly the same mosque as Zacarias Moussaoui attended. His Pakistani roommate has not been seen by neighbors since the incident. The very volatile explosive Joel used is the same chemical that Shoe Bomber Richard Reid tried to use before his arrest. It is very rarely seen in the US and is called “Mother of Satan” by Islamic extremists. **

Questions still remain:

* What happened to the Pakistani roommate of Joel H. Heinrichs III?
* Was the family aware of Joel’s conversion to Islam?
* What about this neighborhood mosque?
* Why was there no suicide note?
* What was Joel Heinrich’s doing the year the took off from school? (Hat Tip SallyVee)

UPDATE: (11:30 PM CST) Joel Hinrichs attended a mosque down the street from his apartment. His roommate is Pakistani and his identity has not yet been released. However, I did hear from a different video that the roommate has not returned to the apartment since the building was evacuated on Saturday night. (Hat Tip LGF… and lizardoid William)


UPDATE: (11:00 PM CST) Joel Hinrichs used the same explosive as the “shoe bomber”, Richard Reid. The explosive, called “Mother of Satan”, by Islamist extremists, has rarely been used in the US!

Technically, TATP is triacetone triperoxide. However, it’s called the ‘Mother of Satan’ by Islamist extremists. Experts say it is made by mixing common household items such as drain cleaner and bleach to create a white powder with a strong smell.

It’s so volatile that it can explode even if it’s merely dropped. It can even explode spontaneously, experts say.

There have been very few reports of TATP being used in the United States; however, there have been more documented cases overseas — including Richard Reid, who was arrested after he used TATP in his shoe and tried to light it on a flight.


As reported at 5:30 PM!


Sooner Bomber had tried to buy Ammonium Nitrate!

Joel Hinrichs from an earlier picture (left) and recently (right).

A Feed Store manager said that the bomber outside of the Sooner game on Saturday had been to his store to try to purchase ammonium nitrate:

The general manager of a Norman feed store said Tuesday that Joel Henry Hinrichs III had inquired about purchasing a significant amount of ammonium nitrate, the primary ingredient used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Dustin Ellison, the general manager of Ellison Feed & Seed on Porter Avenue, said that a man matching Hinrichs’ description had come into the store days before he blew himself up on OU’s campus. Ellison said the man asked about ammonium nitrate, but couldn’t offer a reason why he needed it.

After the bombing, Ellison said he thought nothing of it. However, when he saw Hinrichs’ photo, it triggered his memory.

To this point, authorities still suggest Hinrichs’ only motive for blowing himself up was suicide. The FBI released a statement Tuesday evening saying that “there is no known link between Hinrichs and any terrorist or extremist organization(s) or activities.”

The release also indicated that the FBI believes there is “no known current threat posed by any additional explosive materials.”

Ellison noted that his store doesn’t carry ammonium nitrate any longer after recent legislation required new paperwork for stores to sell the product.

The Tulsa World has more:

Dustin Ellison, whose family operates Ellison Feed and Seed, said he identified Joel Henry Hinrichs III on Sunday when the FBI brought him pictures of the student.

Ellison said Hinrichs was acting weird when he asked the young man why he wanted the ammonium nitrate.

“He shrugged and I decided I wouldn’t sell that man anything,” he said.

The university says it will tighten security following the exposion 100 yards from the game on Saturday night.

Joel Hinrichs father said yesterday that his son was not politically motivated and did not intend to hurt anyone:

Joel Hinrichs Jr. said his son did not leave a suicide note and that FBI agents told him hydrogen peroxide was used to construct the bomb.

On Sunday, FBI investigators searched the younger Hinrichs’ Norman apartment and his family home in Colorado Springs, Colo.

As a father, Hinrichs said he wants to believe that the explosion was an accidental death, but said the evidence clearly points to suicide.

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A story posted on World Net Daily reported about jihadist literature found at Hinrichs’
apartment. This was cited at Protein Wisdom, Wizbang, The Jawa Report, Lan Lampere, Flopping Aces, and Reaganites Unite. The report has yet to be verified by other sources. However, since the explosive used is the same chemical as the one used by Richard Reid, and commonly used by Islamic extremists, it is very likely that this story on the jihadist literature is true.

After the revelations from the past 24 hours, I’m leaning towards true!

Update: (Wednesday, 10/5/05) Roommate was detained! Identity released:

The Pakistani roommate of a man authorities said died when he detonated an explosive device outside a crowded football stadium was led in handcuffs from a party shortly after Saturday’s explosion, the head of an Islamic student group said.

Fazal M. Cheema, a finance major, shared a university-owned apartment with Joel Hinrichs III, 21, who died Saturday when a device attached to his body exploded as he sat on a bench outside George Lynn Cross Hall.

Cheema and three other Muslim students were led in handcuffs from a party by police after the blast, Ashraf Hussein, president of the Muslim Student Association, said Tuesday. They later were released.

Cheema is “a really, really nice guy,” Hussein said.

TigerHawk adds this bit of information:

“We should not forget that Richard Clarke was more than a little intrigued with the idea that al Qaeda was connected to the Oklahoma City attack of ten years ago.”

More from Tigerhawk, HERE

For updates on the Oklahoma bomber go HERE to see the latest news.

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