Pakistan Death Toll Expected to Reach 80,000!

Update: Pakistani News is reporting, “The death toll from the huge earthquake that rocked Pakistan is expected to reach more than 80,000.”

Athena is reporting that sources in Pakistan say the death toll my reach 50,000!

The officially confirmed death toll after Saturday’s earthquake in Pakistan rose to 20,745, but unofficial estimates on Monday put the toll well above 50,000.


In another report from Pakistan, one populous area may have well over 100,000 deaths combined between two destroyed cities!

The towns of Balakot in Hazara and Bagh in Azad Kashmir were razed to ground completely and more than 100,000 people are feared dead in these two cities only.

The stench of death hangs over the weaving rows of rubble that was once Balakot, a thriving tourist town, a must stopover for cheerful visitors enroute to Kaghan.

Saturday’s massive quake has turned the historic town of Syed Ahmed Shah’s martyrdom into a massive graveyard sprawling on both sides of the river Kunhar while the survivors with broken limbs and hearts mourn their loved ones who perished in thousands in Saturday’s earthquake.

With estimates of 60,000 or above deaths in this town alone, there is hardly a family that has not lost several of its members. At least 1,000 students buried under the rubble of their school buildings have yet to be recovered.
Our correspondent from Bagh said about 70,000 people are feared dead there as the town has been completely destroyed. Still trapped in the debris are hundreds of school children and residents.

Athena is suggesting the International Red Cross for donations.

I had earlier suggested the South Asia Salvation Army donation site.

1,000 Hospitals in Pakistan were destroyed in the worst natural disaster in Pakistani history.

Pakistan says its nukes are safe after the disaster.

Bitter rival India pledges assistance to disaster struck Pakistan:

India and Pakistan have set aside their often-bitter rivalry when Pakistan said it would accept India’s offer of aid for Pakistani victims of the massive earthquake that leveled villages and killed tens of thousands in disputed Kashmir.

The two sides separately said Monday that India would send the aid for victims of last weekend’s 7.6-magnitude quake, and officials in New Delhi said it would be a planeload of about 25 tons of food, tents, medicine and other supplies for possible delivery by Tuesday.

The US has sent military cargo planes and helicopters to the area to assist with relief efforts.

However, Hugo Chavez says global capitalism is the cause of the earthquake!

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