New Media Low! AP Presses for America's Defeat!

Ack!! I just lost this whole post after I wrote for about 45 minutes… so here was my original take:

This article is a biased piece of crap!

Iraqi Death Toll Much Higher Than U.S.

What’s in this crappy article:

* The data is from leftist Anti- American sites.
* It is very high in its death count numbers.
* Terrorist deaths are included in the data totals.
* Homicides are included in the totals.
* The US is blamed for the deaths and instability, not the terrorists!
* Iraqis feel defeated (this after they ratified their Constituion today!)
* Iraqis were better off under Saddam Hussein.
* Saddam Hussein kept good track of his murder numbers.
* All deaths were reported to his morgues!
* If you kept your mouth shut you could enjoy life under Saddam! (I kid you not!)

It does not tell you:

* Just how far left the sites are where the data is collected from.
* The AP does not tell you that the casualty rate in Iraq with BOTH the US Forces AND Iraqi Civilians COMBINED is equal to the murder rate in New Orleans! Send in the guard! Again!

This was about the worst piece of Anti-American trash journalism I have seen. Nice of the AP to keep this on the back burner until the “Grim Milestone” of 2,000 US deaths in Iraq was reached. I am sure that this was just coincidence!

If you are as sick as I am of seeing this Anti-American trash passed off as journalism you can contact the AP about the cheap shots they are taking at our military and our country!

450 W. 33rd St.
New York, NY 10001

Main Number

Or by email HERE.

While we are at it… MRC has a petition you can sign to “Demand that the media tell the truth!” You are invited to sign the petition HERE.

Hat Tip C. Robinson.

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