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If you don’t have no fear of government,
Then stand up.
If you are not scared of George Bush,
Then stand up.

If I were president,
I’d be elected on Friday.
Assassinated on Saturday.
Buried on Sunday.
And go back to work on Monday.


Wycleff Jean
Millions More Movement Rally
October 15, 2005

Malik Zulu Shabazz
Leader of New Black Panther Party

“Zionism is racism, Zionism is terrorism. You cannot be a real Jew and a Zionist at the same time.”

Malik Zulu Shabazz
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
February 17, 2005

Malik then called Israel a “terrorist state” and said that he doesn’t “blame” Hamas, Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad for the Middle East conflict.

Yesterday, Malik was back to his hate speech:
(From the above C-SPAN video clip above at the 2:37:00 minute point)

“There are one million of our people incarcarated. But, who is the real criminal? Who are the real gangsters? The real gangsters are in the White House! The real gangsters operate in the Pentagon! The real gangsters operate out of the CIA!

How can you have a War on Terrorism and Mr. Bush hasn’t been arrested?… on charges on drowning of innocent people in New Orleans and sabotaging our levees!”

No Speed Bumps has more thoughts on the rally.

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