American Scholar Props Up the Ophthalmologist Dictator

Syria Comment Plus notified me that one of America’s brightest, a Fulbright Scholar in Syria, Joshua Landis, is out propping up the Assad Regime!

Joshua Landis was quoted during his lecture at the American University of Beirut as saying, “I’ve become a defender of the Assad regime ,as many Syrians have, because I look over to Iraq and see the mistakes the U.S. has made. Syrians are terrified that the U.S. will squeeze too hard and there will be some sort of ethnic civil war.”

Syria Comment Plus adds this about Landis:


As a private citizen it is one thing to herald the benevolence of a third tier tin pot dictator like Assad II, but Landis is on the U.S government payroll, his stay in Syria is funded by the Fulbright government scholarship. To add to the scandal, Landis is using the Fulbright funds to stay with family members in Syria. One questions the need for tax payer support for Landis’s everlasting quest to satisfy his fetish for a fascist father figure.

Landis also has his own perception on the “real” weapons of mass destruction:

If Bolton were interested in the success of such a deal (similaar to the deal brokered with Libya), rather than regime-change, he would have at the very least called it a Sadat deal. You have to love Bolton, America’s WMD. Who is making American policy anyway? Poor Condaleezza Rice.

Nice to know the the young scholar is using America’s money to prop up the ophthalmologist dictator in Syria.

Update: (Monday October 24) Michael Totten, currently in the MidEast, links to a post at Lebanese Political Journal titled, “The Battle Over Syria – Don’t Forget about Justice in Lebanon”. With the release of the UN Mehdis Report on the weekend, the Lebanese do not want Americans to focus exclusively on Syria and neglect the situation in Lebanon. And, of course, Joshua Landis is part of the story here, too.

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