Mother Moonbat Heading to New Orleans

Cindy Sheehan cancelled her stop in Syracuse to head straight to New Orleans where she will continue her protest against the War in Iraq. Cindy said Monday that she thinks the US never plans to leave the war toran country. She continued her attacks on President Bush on Monday in Pittsburg:

Shielded from the sun by a large tarpaulin, Cindy Sheehan walked to the microphone dressed in blue denim shorts and no shoes, then blasted the policies of President Bush.

“Every time Bush talks he should be removed from office,” Sheehan screamed into the microphone. “None of the chicken hawks have served our country the way our children have,” she continued, referring to Bush and members of his administration who support the Iraq war but did not fight in previous conflicts.

“Our boys were killed by the failed policies of this administration,” she said. “There have been four failures of this administration: Sept. 11, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Hurricane Katrina. We have to force our leaders to listen to us.”

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