Major Blows to Osama and Al Qaida

The Daily Times is reporting that Osama Bin Laden is no longer effectively in control and that Al Qaida has taken some severe blows by recent intelligence and arrests.

Brig Ali, identified as the head of counter-terrorism in Pakistan’s intelligence service, believes that bin Laden is still some place along the border, probably in Afghanistan. The officer told Kroft that Pakistan’s intelligence forces had diminished bin Laden’s power by capturing 594 Al Qaeda members and crippling the group’s communications, including infiltrating its courier network.

“We have been able to effectively break the communications network from top to bottom. We do not allow these people to communicate with each other,” Brig Ali said.

The information gleaned from captured Al Qaeda members and given to coalition officials, CBS said, had helped prevent planned terror attacks against financial buildings in the US, and planes and buildings at London’s Heathrow airport. The information was also of help in the capture of Al Qaeda operatives in Great Britain. “The mere fact that there has not been a replication of 9/11 speaks volumes of what we shared with the world,” the Pakistani officer told “60 Minutes”.

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