Ford Welcomes Home a Soldier



The new Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 at the 2005 New York International Auto Show (Reuters)

Give Ford Motor Company credit for knowing its customer and reflecting that in one of their latest advertisements. This tasteful advertisement was a great decision by Ford. Not only does it appeal to “Red State America” but it also appeals to “Red Mustang Lovers”!

Hat Tip Veteran Chris Whitener

Update: (Tuesday Noon) Lorie Byrd from Polipundit wants the dad’s car!

The Anchoress, in typical brilliance, adds this:

I know some will say “How awful! Ford is exploiting the war to make money!” My feeling: Anti-War tee shirts, anti-war movies, records, videos, books, etc are also exploiting the war to make money from a particular market. Deal with it. I don’t see anyone in the MSM making a fuss over Air America using money meant for poor kids and the elderly, so I don’t want to hear any moralizing.

More Ford News… Did they hire a new PR person or something?

This comes from “The Coalition of the Swilling” about Ford’s latest decision to dump their sleazy spokesperson. Another good move!

Update: (August 5th) Drudge notes that Chrysler is going another route. They are going to air Iacocca and Snoop Dogg spots. Something for everyone, I guess!

It looks like DaimlerChrysler may have bigger issues than Snoop Dogg right now.

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