Democrats Vow to Bring Integrity Back to Party

Well, it’s about time!

This announcement from across the river in Illinois is long overdue. And, it only took 5 convictions of voter fraud last month to come to this new awareness!

Two months ago, former East St. Louis City Councilman Charlie Powell, former Director of Regulatory Affairs Kelvin Ellis, East St. Louis Township Trustee Jesse Lewis, Precinct Committeewoman Sheila Thomas, and political worker Yvette Johnson were convicted of conspiracy to commit election fraud. With the exception of Powell, the four also were convicted of a second count of election fraud.


The Central Democratic Committee, which is chaired by Powell, received more than $73,000 during the November campaign from St. Clair County Democratic Committee.

Centreville Township Supervisor Curtis McCall called for the resignation of St. Clair County Democratic Chairman Robert Sprague, while slamming a number of local politicians and announcing plans to form a coalition he hopes will bring integrity back to the Democratic party.

We can only hope!

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