Carnival of the Revolutions Extra Good!

Joshua at One Free Korea does an exceptional job this week with the Carnival of the Revolutions.

If you have not checked it out in a while and are interested in the pro-democracy news from the last week… and there was plenty… check it out!

Email [email protected] if you would like to host the “Carnival of Revolutions” at some point in the future. We prefer that you have some experience blogging on these issues, as it requires a moderate level of expertise to prepare the carnival each week.

The submission deadline is each Sunday evening, but the exact deadline is really up to the host each week. Any blogger can submit a post on the rapid flurry of events we see each week, or on a broader theoretical idea. The criteria are fairly broad, but inclusion of your submission is ultimately up to the host.

To submit a post for a future Carnival of Revolutions, use this page, or email the host for the week directly.

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