5 Russians Killed In Clash with Terrorists

Violent clash in Chechna claims the lives of 5 Russian servicemen:

All the victims were in an investigative group, dispatched to the scene of an attack on the home of head of the village administration Shamkhan Beksultanov and led by Military Commandant Alexander Kayak, Interfax reports.

After Beksultanov’s house attack and arson was reported to the police, a military unit set off for help and in a clash that followed five officers, including the commandant, were killed, and two more wounded, RIA Novosti adds.

It was earlier reported that four officers died, and two servicemen were wounded when their motor vehicle hit a mine in the village of Roshnichu.

No losses have been reported on the militants’ side, although there are numerous blood stains where the clash took place, Gazeta.ru adds.

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