Your Daily Dose of Media Insanity

The winner today in the MSM insanity contest is this article by Mike “Blame the Iraq War” Peacock from Reuters:

London bombings fail to damage Blair … yet

But if Thursday’s fresh attacks, albeit smaller and taking no lives, turn out to be the start of a trend, the political flak could start to fly.

Even before the latest incidents, Blair had been forced to fend off accusations that his backing for the Iraq war has made Britain a more dangerous place.


I have seen the enemy and he works for Reuters!

Locally, ding-dong Sylvester Brown wins for using the Daily Koz talking points AGAIN for the meat of his slandering hateful piece in the Post Dispatch about Karl Rove and President Bush

Isn’t it time we accepted the truth about Bush?

*spit* *spit*

Better yet, “Isn’t it time we accepted the truth about Sylvester Brown?”

Do you suppose that this idiot will apologize to President Bush when the stench clears from this made-up scandal?

Me Either!

And finally… A close second locally comes again from the Post Dispatch ..(cancelled your subscription, yet?)…

Low-pay jobs outgrow high-pay positions

…The Post Dispatch had to dig deep for this one. With the economy roaring (todays tidbit of truth at WILLism’s )the Post Dispatch had to put together this collection of low-paying jobs FROM 1980 TO 2000 to get their point across!

(Hmm… Let’s see. When did GW get into office?)

There you have it! That took all of 15 minutes to put together!

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