In Wake of Van Gogh Trial, Dutch Arrest Bomb Maker

** Bomb Found at Home of 17 Year Old Muslim Arrested in Amsterdam **

Dutch police arrested a young Muslim who has printed extreme Muslim texts on the internet. Authorities found a homemade bomb in his Amsterdam home. The boy is assumed to be part of the same Muslim group as the confessed killer of Theo Van Gogh:

Dutch police arrested a 17-year-old boy at his parents’ house in Amsterdam during an investigation into a terrorist group linked to the murderer of filmmaker Theo van Gogh. Officers found a homemade bomb in the boy’s room.


The boy, who is Dutch and wasn’t identified, was investigated for publishing “extreme Muslim texts” on the Internet, and arrested on July 11, a spokesman for the public prosecutor, Wim de Bruin, said today. He appears in juvenile court tomorrow, when a judge will decide how long he can be held.

The BBC has more:

The boy was detained by Amsterdam police investigating the Hofstad group – an alleged Islamist militant network.

National prosecutor’s office spokesman Wim de Bruin said the boy was accused of “actions to prepare an attack, terrorist or otherwise”.

The office said in a statement that the device consisted of a tube filled with gun powder, small bullets and a detonation mechanism.

“The investigation is aimed at discovering if he had contact with the Hofstad network,” it added.

More than a dozen suspected members of the network are awaiting trial on terrorism charges.

** More from the Netherlands **

News agency ANP reported that his parents are of British and Dutch descent. The youth converted to Islam at the age of 14 and quickly became radicalised.

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