Left Spins Schiavo Autopsy Results

It was another sad day today to witness just how far left the MSM has gone. It’s not a question of “if” the MSM is left-leaning, it’s a question of “how far”…This time the bias shows in the autopsy results news of the starved woman from Florida… the one who’s family was kept from her by police! The left at the BBC, AP, etc make it sound like yes, it was “good” thing, this starvation. The autopsy results they say prove this. And, they mash it into every “right to lifer’s face” with their headlines…

“Schiavo autopsy appears to back husband”

“Autopsy clears Terri Schiavo questions”It does???


This is the craziest one…

“Manner of death, undetermined!”Hello!… You try going that long without food and water and see what happens to you! (I know, I know, they’re wanting to say she was dead a long time ago.)

So what about the still unanswered questions:

* The autopsy showed that the brain damage was not caused by a heart attack which was a central argument in the death squad’s reasoning to kill her.

This is what was found:

Tests performed on her shortly after she arrived at the hospital found unusually low levels of potassium in her blood. In a 1992 civil trial, a court concluded that an eating disorder led to the potassium imbalance, which in turn caused her heart to stop beating.

Thogmartin questioned that finding. The potassium imbalance could very well have been the result, rather than the cause, of Schiavo’s collapse, he said.

So, what happened? What happened then? Was she choked? Did she fall? What?

* What happened the night Terri collapsed?

* There is still the question as to why Michael Schiavo waited until after 7 years after the initial incident to say something about Terri’s wishes to die if she were in a vegetative state.

That’s just off the top of my head…

What really is upsetting is that the left once again makes their collective mind up on an issue and everyone else be damned! The left, historically poor respecters of life, make up their minds that Terri should be starved and are amazed that you may be upset. Their pride and their cold emotion are once again striking! They don’t get why there is such an uproar over this one life. Of course, if Terri Schiavo would have been gay, an atheist, and a terrorist (as long as she was not conservative) they might feel differently!

And, we never heard anyone on the left condemn Michael Schiavo for not allowing Terri’s family to have a memorial service with her remains!

Do you think the Left would be silent if it were a terrorist at Gitmo whose family was not allowed in to view the remains?

Do you really believe they wouldn’t be interrupting every Republican Speech for the next 10 years (they do this already, See Arnold today) if it were a gay partner not allowed a moment alone with the body of their partner after death? (And, I am not condemning homosexuality with that last statement).


I did have some hope, though, when I saw this headline:

“Terri Schiavo Autopsy Reveals Nothing to Justify Her Killing”

Then I realized this came from a Christian news site.

Is that something? Has our media gone so far left and whack that they have no consideration for the religious citizens of this country? You would think that maybe one headline would be considerate to religious people. Instead they want to shame those who see this as a “Right to Life” issue. They want to shame people for having religious beliefs and who take the 10 Commandments to heart!

Is the media really this secularist?

Obviously, I’m upset! Not surprised from today, just upset!

Update: I knew that the Anchoress would be all over this story and was not disappointed when I read her post earlier. The Anchoress gives you the other version of the Schiavo story… The one the AP omits. Nobody says it quite like the Anchoress!

Update 2: (Thursday AM) I totally agree with Lorie Byrd at Polipundit. What I noticed yesterday, and lately, is that the media is redoubling their biased news coverage in the face of bias charges. The way they talk down to Christians, Conservatives and those liberals who saw this as a sacred issue is appalling!

Update 3: (Thursday Later AM) Michelle Malkin breaks down the autopsy report with her clear, insightful analysis.

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