Rumors of Zarqawi Obit

More on the Carnival of Zarqawi…

Today Saudi Daily al-Watan is claiming that Zarqawi’s family is waiting for official word of his death…

The family of injured Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi – al-Qaeda’s pointman in Iraq – is already preparing his obituary, the Saudi daily al-Watan said on Friday, quoting sources close to the family.


Al-Zarqawi’s close relatives, all of whom live in the Jordanian city of Zarqa, are reported to be in state of high tension over the conflicting reports circulating over his state of health, and are only waiting for officials to confirm his death before releasing the death notice.

Jordanian security forces have surrounded the Ramzi quarter of Zarqa where al-Zarqawi’s family lives, al-Watan said. Relatives have confirmed that al-Zarqawi’s wife and four children fled to Iraq in secret six months ago.

The doctor that treated him in Ramadi has been arrested…

The latest evidence of al-Zarqawi’s existence is an audio message posted on an internet site last week, in which the only time reference is to the death of Pope John Paul II on 2 April. So it’s likely that the gunbattle in which the militant was injured was after that date. According to one Arab newspaper, al-Zarqawi was wounded by an operation by US troops in the Sunni city of Ramadi during clashes at the end of April. This seems to be endorsed by eyewitnesses who claimed in various Arab media that they’d seen him on 28 April at a hospital in Ramadi. The police reportedly arrested the doctor who had been treating him who is said to have confirmed his injury and escape from US soldiers.

However, a relative of al-Zarqawi, Abu Uthman, interviewed by the pan Arab daily al-Hayat, said the militant had been injured some two weeks ago. “From information we have, he was wounded in the battle of al-Qaim. The fact that in the statement issued by al-Qaeda in Iraq they pray for his recovery is a prelude to the announcement of his death.” This same witness argued that the wounds might be much more recent, perhaps linked to the 13 May bombing by US fighter jets of al-Qaeda havens in Qaim, a city near the Syrian border.

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The Jawa Report (they were able to get on Hammorabi)

The Jordanian thug Fadhel Nazal Al-Khalayla (Zarqawi) 38 years has died.

He received treatment from Arab doctors who were not very experts and lacking intensive care equipments which he needed for his puncture in the right lung. His wounds infection gets resistance to the antibiotics. He had what is called septicemia which is according to doctors an infection of the blood resulted from infected wound. Zarqawi’s systems started to fail including his kidney and liver.

He died and now in the hands of the Keepers of the Hell in its worst level.

His family in Jordan preparing and expected to do Fataha (funeral for him soon).

Jordan again put itself in the opposite front of the civilized world and with the terrorist.

Scared Monkeys
Athena (Why such a sourpuss?)
Austin Bay (A ghost?)

Update: (6:00 PM) Hammorabi says to stay tuned…

Update 2: (11:30 PM) Jihad Unspun the voice of Al Qaeda live from Canada is now reporting that “He’s fine. He’s back at work!”

Our beloved Sheikh is well and healthy. He is personally directing all Jihad operations and he is following and acting on all details of the battle fields.

Anyone who has been following statements issued by the Al-Qaeda organization realizes that our Sheikh has put together group of leaders, one deputy, and several advisers.

So, let the press know that there should be no need for speculation, all they need to do is go back and reexamine our past statements. In particular, they should listen carefully to the audio tape by deputy chief, Sheikh, Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Iraqi.

Update 3: (Saturday PM) New posting up with the latest here.

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