North Ossetia President Resigns

Another President Resigns in Central Asia

The influential “Committee of Beslan Mothers” had joined with the opposition in demanding the president’s resignation in late March.

Big News from the Russian district of North Ossetia as embattled President Dzasokhov resigned today:

Aleksander Dzasokhov filed his resignation, RIA Novosti reports. This information was confirmed by the representative of President Vladimir Putin in Southern Federal District Dmitriy Kozak. Based on the same source, the agency says Dzasokhov would “continue representing the republic in Federal institutions” although his new role is not yet specified.


Spokesperson of Dzasokhov noted that the decision was taken already in the beginning of the current year and is dictated by the “need for generational change.” Dzasokhov lost confidence of the local population following the massacre of the Beslan school pupils in September, 2004.

The Committee of Beslan Mothers protested in late March for Dzasokhov’s resignation.

The president has been under heavy pressure to resign after the Beslan Massacre nine months ago:

“I have been considering the move for many days … and decided that I should do this now,” Alexander Dzasokhov, whose official term expires at the end of the year, said in televised remarks. “It is time to give way for the young.”

The 71-year-old Dzasokhov was promoted by the Kremlin in 1998 to run the mainly-Christian region in the predominantly Muslim North Caucasus which is raked by the Chechen insurgency. He gave no further explanations for his move.

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