New Violence in Uzbekistan


A funeral in Andijan, Uzbekistan for a 21 year old student killed by government forces on Friday.

Eight Uzbek soldiers were killed in new violence this morning in a Kyrgyz border town:


It is claimed that armed people in a township called Tefektosh near the Kyrgyzstan border killed 8 Uzbek soldiers.

According to the Associated Press, the eyewitnesses in Tefektosh said that a clash occurred between the armed people, and soldiers before dawn this morning, on May 15. The eyewitnesses reported that the armed people killed 8 soldiers and then run away to the Kyrgyz border.

Three “Islamic miitants” were also killed.

It is now being reported that local residents have taken control of the border town of Korasuv and have pushed all of the government representatives out.

Reports earlier today said that nearly 500 were killed in the Andijan uprising:

Some 500 bodies were laid out in a school in the eastern Uzbek city of Andijan where troops fired on a crowd of protesters to put down an uprising, a doctor said Sunday, corroborating witness accounts of hundreds killed in the fighting.

That number was released earlier this morning and detailed here.

Claiming the dead in Andijan after Friday’s bloodbath.

Kyrgyzstan has opened a camp for the Uzbek refugees who have fled the violence.

President Karimov has said that Islamic fundamentalists are behind the uprising but Human rights groups are claiming that this was just an excuse. (from BBC video above)

For more news on Uzbekistan look at the Registan and Publius Pundit who have been following the situation closely.

Ben Paarman and Scraps of Moscow also have excellent reports from the remote country.

Update: (7:30 PM) The “Great One”, Instapundit, has linked to this Uzbekistan news.

Updated News on Uzbekistan here. -“Worst Government-Civilian clash since Tiananmen Square”

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