Chaos at Lake Okoboji

Iowahawk has possibly outdone himself with this weeks episode of:

“Newsweek Lutefisk Story Sparks Fury Across Volatile Midwest”

The debris-strewn streets of this remote Midwestern hamlet remain under a tense 24-hour curfew tonight, following weekend demonstrations by rock- and figurine-throwing Lutheran farm wives that left over 200 people injured and leveled the Whippy Dip dairy freeze. The rioting appeared to be prompted, in part, by a report in Newsweek magazine claiming military guards at Spirit Lake’s notorious Okoboji internment center had flushed lutefisk down prison toilets. Newsweek’s late announcement of a retraction seems to have done little to quell the inflamed passions of Lutheran insurgents in the region, as outbreaks of violent mailbox bashings and cow tippings have been reported from Bowbells, North Dakota to Pekin, Illinois…


If Iowahawk continues with snippets like this one, he may have the Polk County Pork Queen eating “Watergate Salad” from the palm of his hand! He’s hotter than a “greased pig contest at the Franklin County Fair”!

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