Poor Little Nazi

Blogger Davids Medienkritik posts an article about “Germany’s Grand Strategy” to repaint themselves as “victims” rather than “oppressors”:

Germany has drawn two lessons from its history. Judging by the spate of documentaries appearing on ARD, ZDF, Phoenix, and Arte marking the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II, the most important lesson is that Germans were not responsible for the wars that made the 20th century the bloodiest century in human history. Chancellor Kohl invented a new mantra, namely that Germans were also victims of Nazism. The “Germans-as-victims” theme is one that state-funded television cannot repeat often enough. Not only did Germans suffer under

the Nazis, they also suffered at the hands of the Russians, British, and especially American soldiers who “occupied” their land. (A word that has a special connotation in German. German media still uses it to describe the coalition presence in Iraq.)

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