Major Crisis Over in Kyrgyzstan

Russian Minister is convinced the crisis is over in Kyrgyzstan:

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov said the political crisis is nearly over in Kyrgyzstan, but elements of instability may remain.

“Inner political developments in Kyrgyzstan are far from completion and individual outbreaks of instability are possible. But the main political crisis is over,” Ivanov told the press upon his arrival in Dushanbe.

“What has happened in Kyrgyzstan was not caused by any external forces, but resulted from an internal political struggle,” Ivanov said.

Parliament will discuss Akayev’s resignation on Wednesday:

Kyrgyzstan’s parliament will discuss President Askar Akayev’s resignation on Wednesday, Parliamentary Speaker Omurbek Tekebayev told journalists on Tuesday.

“We have not accepted the president’s resignation yet. A quorum will gather tomorrow, and I hope we will discuss Akayev’s resignation,” he said.

Pending parliament’s decision, “Akayev will remain Kyrgyzstan’s legitimate president,” Tekebayev said.

Akayev officially resigned on Monday in Moscow:

Askar Akayev signed his resignation as Kyrgyzstan’s president Monday, lawmakers said, raising hopes of ending political turmoil in the strategic Central Asian country 11 days after he fled ahead of protesters storming his offices.

Akayev was smart to not return and must have known that he would be in danger if he did:

International mediators had attempted to pressure Bakiyev to allow Akayev to return and play a role in negotiating a legitimate political settlement. Bakiyev though has repeatedly refused, saying Akayev’s life would be at risk if he returned.

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