Jewish Ban "Not" Anti-Semitic?

Russian officials held up the original ruling banning Jewish groups by saying that the ruling was “not” Anti-Semitic. Huh?…

The St. Petersburg Prosecutor’s Office has proclaimed that the infamous March petition demanding a ban on Jewish groups was not anti-Semitic, the Izvestia newspaper reported Friday. No complaints will be filed against the petition’s senders.

In January 2005 a group of Russian MPs appealed to the state prosecution demanding a ban on all Jewish groups over claims of extremism. In March 500 well-known public figures joined the MPs, and the petition eventually received 5,000 signatures.


However, prosecutors decided that the petition contained no essential elements of offence, Izvestia reports.

After publishing the petition the Rus Pravoslavnaya (Orthodox Russia) and Za Russkoye Delo (For the Russian Cause) newspapers received a warning from prosecutors for extremism in March.

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