War Against Military Recruitment

After months of pentup anxiety and tension the Left this week by way of the military recruitment process formally declared their war against the US Military. The first assaults were predictably from the nations universities, the institutional strongholds of US liberal power. On March 4th one of the first battles on military recruitment sounded off at the University of Rhode Island:

A faculty member at the University of Rhode Island says military recruiters should not be welcome at the school…

…The professor who introduced the resolution argues that the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding sexual orientation is a violation of the university’s policy against discrimination.

After a recent court ruling struck down a law that ties federal funding to on-campus recruiting (Soloman Amendment), the debate has picked up steam across the country.

“This debate is occurring all over college and universities. People are reconsidering their policies. I can say that that’s going to be the crux of the debate: Does having military recruiters on campus violate our own policy on discrimination?” Thomas Dougan, vice president of student affairs, told News Channel 10.

The left conveniently cloaks their disgust for military recruitment by citing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. But, this is just to camouflage their real and eternal disgust for the protecting body of a government they have grown to despise.

University of Minnesota Law School students delivered a petition to take action against the Soloman Amendment to the administration:

“We are petitioning to ask faculty to put the issue on the table, to open discussion,” Fleming said.

He said the petition has received approximately 350 signatures from University of Minnesota Law School students, a significant portion of the school’s 830 students.

Many law schools have already taken action, and as a progressive institution, the University of Minnesota Law School should too, Fleming said.

The administratin at the University quickly joined them.

The University of California in Santa Barbara passed a similar policy:

The UCSB student Legislative Council has sided with a group of professors who want military recruiters ousted from the campus because gays are not allowed to serve openly in the armed forces.

Tonight news reports showed loud protests inside of a recruitment event at the University of San Francisco. The protestors were so obnoxiously loud that the military recruiters left the event. One has to wonder what the other recruiters at the job fair must have thought about hiring the grads from that school?

The protesters may say that they are “for defense” and “support the military in the field” but to watch their behavior against military recruiters, you get a completely different and more accurate picture of their true feelings and intentions.

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