Round #2 in Kyrgyzstan Under Way

The second round of the Kyrgyzstan Parliament Election is in process in the remote ex-Soviet Central Asia nation. There has been no word of violence.

However, Independent observers have already filed complaints about violation of transparency and openness of the electoral process and the infringement of their rights:

The Kyrgyz Coalition For Democracy and Civil Society press service told RIA Novosti that at polling stations in the University electoral district of Bishkek, where Kyrgyz president’s daughter, Bermet Akayeva, is registered as one of candidates, the independent observers are not allowed to freely monitor the checking of ID papers, the issue of electoral bulletins and the marking of voters. The observers are asked to stay in specially allocated places, a coalition source revealed.


Large Turnout

The Coalition press service told RIA Novosti on Sunday that despite rainy weather, by 10 a.m. 25% more voters came to polling stations in Bishkek compared with December 27.

At the same time, the observers point out that a large number of voters are being brought to polling stations by transportation arranged by supporters of candidates, which is strictly prohibited by the Electoral Code of the republic.

In addition, many polling stations registered a larger number of absentee votes.

The Opposition Leaders have already planned on meeting in southern Kyrgyzstan on March 15th:

Kyrgyz opposition leaders are planning to meet in Dzhalal-Abad in southern Kyrgyzstan on March 15 to discuss the outcome of the second round in the Kyrgyz parliamentary elections, being held on Sunday.

Opposition forces will gather for a congress in Dzhalal-Abad on March 15, said sources in the organizing committee of the protest rally being held in Dzhalal-Abad.

The organizers of the congress expect representatives of local communities from most of the country’s regions to attend the congress alongside opposition leaders.

Many of the leaders in the central asian nations have clung to power through dubious legal changes and referendums. This is cause of great concern for Kyrgyzstan citizens.

Update: The “Great One” has linked to this election update.

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