More Syrian Links to Iraqi Terrorism

Memri TV has the video of two Iraqi policemen turned terrorists, Shuqair Farishi and Hussein Sheikhu, who admit to killing and raping fellow Iraqis. They also admit to being paid off by their Syrian connection. Al-Iraqiya TV aired this interrogation on February 24, 2005:

Interviewer: Who else did you kill?

Hussein Sheikhu: I killed those Christians.

Interviewer: Who were they?

Hussein Sheikhu: Aiman Ishu, Boutros.

Interviewer: Why?

Hussein Sheikhu: They were collaborators.

Interviewer: And you yourselves are not collaborators?

Hussein Sheikhu: Of course, sir.

Interviewer: Weren’t you collaborating with Syria?

Hussein Sheikhu: Of course, sir.

Interviewer: Did you work for an Iraqi or for a Syrian?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: One Iraqi and one Syrian.

Interviewer: One Syrian and one Iraqi. Who gave you the money?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: The Iraqi.

Interviewer: Didn’t he tell you that you would work for the Syrian?

Shuqair Al-Farishi: He said that I’d work for the Syrian…

Shuqair Al-Farishi: The Iraqi got it from the Syrian.

Interviewer: Hussein, I’d like to ask you a question. How many people did you and your filthy terrorist squad kill?

Hussein Sheikhu: Thirty-six, including the girls, sir.

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