Kirsi Ali on "60 Minutes"

Kirsi Ali, a Dutch parliament member, who is kept in a safe house (imprisoned) in Holland for making comments about Islam was on “60 minutes” last night. In the interview, the fate of her friend and murdered movie-maker, Theo Van Gogh, came up:

Marmouch, a Muslim Community Leader, who is starting a Muslim political party, says murder is wrong, but he says he was not surprised by the murder of Van Gogh: “We could expect that from the beginning.”

In part, Marmouch’s lack of surprise stems from the fact that Van Gogh insulted people from all religious backgrounds. “So that is a good argument,” asks Marmouch. “‘Oh, we Christians are being insulted, so you Muslims should also be insulted?’ No, I don’t think so.”


Is he saying that if you disagree with someone that murder is an option?… The segment then talks about Kirsi (her fate is a common topic on the Dutch Report):

She’s come a long way since she first arrived in Holland as a 22-year-old woman fleeing a marriage her father had arranged, and seeking asylum. Nowadays, she’s a kind of star, and the Dutch take pride in how she rose from menial jobs in factories and hotels to attend university, and finally, to get elected to parliament.

How did she do it? “The American dream,” says Hirsi Ali. “I think it’s in every individual, if you have the will to improve your life”…

…Hirsi Ali refuses to back down. She says she’s going to make a sequel to “Submission.”

“By not making ‘Submission Part II,’ I would only be helping terrorists believe that if they use violence, they’re rewarded with what they want,” says Hirsi Ali. Will she submit to the threats? “Not me,” she says.

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