Judge Holds Key

This whole story is really just too bizarre to believe. You have the irony of democrats yesterday arguing about “too much government”. You have members of Congress giving speeches about how it is unethical to “keep this woman alive”. And, democrats wonder why they lose on the “moral issue” front? You have the president flying back from his Crawford Ranch to sign the Shiavo legislation in the middle of the night. (Do you think we will hear anything about him waiting too long to take action like the ‘tsunami’ or ‘goat book’?) You have the House meeting after midnight. All in all, the legislation was passed and a judge now holds the key to Terri’s life.

The hard working Michelle Malkin has a thorough compilation of the events. Notice her link to “a nurse’s perspective”. This sends you to the wise and heartfelt response of reader Dale P. here at the “GP”.

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